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2015 Model of the Year Competition

Miss July '13 & Runner Up MSNOY '14 - Taryn Maria
10,470 Votes
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Mindy Ann - Miss September 2014
South Carolina
7,601 Votes
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Aly Marie - Miss April '14
7,063 Votes
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Melissa Kai - Miss July 2014
New Jersey
4,157 Votes
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Kristen Annalea- Miss October 2012
619 Votes
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Tygeria - Miss May 2013
333 Votes
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Nelettekara - Miss December '14
287 Votes
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Miss November '13 - Mariah Rivera
248 Votes
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Miss March '12 - KimberLeigh
New York
90 Votes
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Brittany Guilfoyle - Miss August '14
South Carolina
70 Votes
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Vivi Estrada - Miss October '14
60 Votes
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Sydney Elizabeth - Miss October '13
49 Votes
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Cassie Williams - Miss June '14
16 Votes
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June Ann D'Angelo
1,246 Votes
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Alicia Ugarte
1,182 Votes
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Kyleen Oswskey
915 Votes
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Tiffany porter
544 Votes
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Brittany Juanita
349 Votes
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Zoe Jay
281 Votes
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Ava Love
118 Votes
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Maja A
105 Votes
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June Ann - Missouri

June Ann, from Missouri, wants the world to know that you can't underestimate intelligence disguised as beauty! She received both her BA and BS from LSU before getting her PHD in immunology. In addition to her mad intellectual skills, she is a 6-time State Champ in Gymnastics. This girl seems like she'd put most of us guys to shame! Let's see what happens as she makes a quest for Miss January!

Alicia Ugarte - Tennessee

Just take a look at Alicia, and she spews sexiness! This Southern Bell, originally from Peru, is also a nursing student! She's been modeling since 2010, and she also enjoys acting. She's excited to be a part of the MSN family, she hasn't been distracted by the negative people in the world that like to bring others down, and she's on a mission to be Miss January! We wish her the best of luck.

Kyleen - Minnesota

Another Northern hottie is making herself know here within Miss Social Network. Kyleen, a cute, sexy aspiring model also is a country singer! In addition to her multiple talents, she's been riding horses for 16 years. Can you find a more diverse girl...horses, modeling, singing! Sounds like a lot of fun...and she has one hot gallery too! We wish her the best this month as she competes for the title Miss Social Network!

Taryn Maria

Mindy Ann - South Carolina

Aly Maria - Miss April

2015 Vote Off

1. Miss July '13 & Runner Up MSNOY '14 - Taryn Maria 10,470
2. Mindy Ann - Miss September 2014 7,601
3. Aly Marie - Miss April '14 7,063
4. Melissa Kai - Miss July 2014 4,157
5. Kristen Annalea- Miss October 2012 619
6. Tygeria - Miss May 2013 333
7. Nelettekara - Miss December '14 287
8. Miss November '13 - Mariah Rivera 248
9. Miss March '12 - KimberLeigh 90
10. Brittany Guilfoyle - Miss August '14 70
11. Vivi Estrada - Miss October '14 60
12. Sydney Elizabeth - Miss October '13 49
13. Cassie Williams - Miss June '14 16

1. June Ann D'Angelo 1,246
2. Alicia Ugarte 1,182
3. Kyleen Oswskey 915
4. Tiffany porter 544
5. Brittany Juanita 349
6. Zoe Jay 281
7. Ava Love 118
8. Maja A 105
9. Demonica 75
10. Dreaa D 48
Sarah Scribe: 6 Votes

Hey there, I'm Sarah. I love modelling, and I'm in the area of adult modelling at the moment but I'm open to any kind of work. I model as my job to put myself through uni, I dream of being an interior designer one day. And if that fails, I'll just have to be the next top playboy model. If y... read more

Gabriela Sinatra: 1 Votes

im a athetic person,who love to work out,spend great time on the beach with her friends,be present in most amazing partyes!

Shatille Tyler: 36 Votes

I am a super friendly and passionate lady who loves anything to do with sports or the arts!! I am currently attending VanArts which is an institute for the media arts and I and taking acting for film and television. I love travelling and volunteering! I have done many sports such as cheerleadin... read more

Naija: 24 Votes

My name is Naija and I have been modeling for 8 years now. I have participated in runway shows, print work, tv, music videos, promotions and many events throughout Texas. I am truly passionate about modeling and enjoy every second and experience I have been blessed to a part of. I would like th... read more

Mandyfashion: 0 Votes

I have been modeling for over 5 years now and love it. I have always had a passion for performing, for arts, music and so much more. I grew up in the mountains and love everything country. I am in cosmetology school right now and have been a freelance hair and makeup artist for quite a few year... read more

Mia: 12 Votes

I am 41 yrs old just started modeling in the last year and am ready to go as far as I can. I'm very motivated in everything I set out to do.

Alicia Ugarte: 1,182 Votes

My name is Alicia :) I'm originally from Peru. I speak Spanish and English. 22 years old! Love to help others, that's why I'm a Nursing student. Have been modeling since 2010 and I love it! I do acting as well :) I'm very close to my family! love to cook and shop! Really excited to see who will... read more

Tiffany porter: 544 Votes

My name is Tiffany. I am 23 years young. I love with the intentions of helping people, changing lives of others, and inspiring people to pursue their dreams. I'm confident, intelligent, and very goal oriented. I believe in going after what you want and not stopping till you get there. I love r... read more

MaryMack: 32 Votes

An aspiring Model from Minnesota- I'm the naughty girl next door!

June Ann D'Angelo: 1,246 Votes

Hey everyone! Here's a little information about myself... I received both my BA and BS in 4 years from LSU (Geaux Tigers) before achieving a PhD in immunology and get to play in the lab as a full-­time scientist when I’m not taking sexy pictures just for you. Not only do I work on my mind but ... read more

Brittany Juanita: 349 Votes

heyyy lovelys <3 my name is Brittany Juantia and i'm an eighteen year old professional glamour model from Brisbane, Australia - the sunshine state :P i have an passion for lingerie, and heels! one of my biggest dreams is to be an playboy model! i love good vibes and really love getting to kn... read more

Elizabeth Rae: 12 Votes

I'm outgoing, love meeting new people and trying new things. I have just started my winter long project of making a fully functional mermaid tail :) I'm a professional gogo dancer and have been in love with music my whole life. I love nature and being outdoors, especially in the water!! C... read more

Elizabeth Ess: 36 Votes

My name is Elizabeth Ess and I'm a Toronto based model. I love being in front of the camera. I would love to travel with IBMS and network but my biggest goal in my career would be to get into playboy and maxim. You can see most of my work on my Facebook fan page. Xo Elizabeth Ess

Katy Cole: 0 Votes

Katy Cole, inspiring model from a small town in Maryland. Ive done shoots in the surronding areas including Pennsylvania and Delaware, im looking to get my name out there in the industry & show the world what i have to offer! I fell in love with modeling the model i step foot in front of the ca... read more

Ashley Angel: 0 Votes

Published Model

Maja A : 105 Votes

Hello I'm Maja. I'm 100 percent Serbian. It's were I get my light skin and my hour glass shape ;) I've been modeling for about a year now. Have worked with some great photographers. I'm also trying to push my limit. To see what I've been up too follow me on here or on my facebook fan pag... read more

Jae Marquez: 0 Votes

I was born in Ph­­ilippines­,­ but rai­se­d all across­ the U­.S. Currently, I reside in Portland, OR while going to s­chool ­for­ fitnes­s ­and nutr­i­tion. I'm­­ very out ­­going, op­e­n minded­, determined, ­and ind­epe­ndent.­ I l­ove t­o hav­e fu­n, and­ tr­y new t­hi­ngs, always l­­iving ... read more

Ava Love: 118 Votes

'Hello, my name is Ava Love, I am 20 years old & I am a fashion; Glamour and nude model. I have been modelling for a couple of months now and it has really taken off quite well for me. I am an Australian where the beaches are home I dream to be as best a model I can be in this industry and I w... read more

Amy Madisyn: 0 Votes

I'm a former chunky monkey with jacked teeth, who's worked hard to get in shape and get a pretty smile too :) I'm terribly positive, stupidly random, and even more sarcastic than all of the above. I just like to make people smile. I believe in The Secret; if you put out there what you want in l... read more

Sheryl Marie: 0 Votes

My modeling journey has been a rewarding experience with the people and art! I've been fortunate to work with talents from across the world and travel frequently to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I have a great fan base as I have grown my brand throughout the years. I interact with photographers, m... read more

Hannah Eadeh: 0 Votes

I'm Hannah, I am a professional model. I love adventuring, and traveling. I hope to do a lot more of it. I'm very into nature, meditation, and crystals. I do some creative directing, and design. I am 21, and currently living in Michigan. I love to have a good time, and meet new people!

Vanessa Young: 25 Votes

Hi! My name is Vanessa Young. I am just starting out in the modeling industry and I think Miss Social Network would be a fantastic springboard for my career. Even though I am inexperienced, I have a lot of ability and an enormous work ethic. I have planned three intensive months of really geari... read more

Candice Elizabeth PBMS Intro Vid by Candice Elizabeth

Monthly Votes: 10 All-Time Votes: 1,971
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