6 Nude Models On What’s It’s Like To Constantly Get Naked In Front of Strangers

June 4th, 2017

An interesting story from Marieclaire.com – and yes, it’s take a unique breed to continually get naked in front of strangers…and we have mad respect for them! Here’s part of the article from Alina Cohen:

Stripping down in front of a stranger. For some, that happens after a right swipe and a couple of cocktails. For others, it’s a way of life. Quite literally.

“I can’t think of any other profession in which a 40-something woman can take her clothes off and be celebrated and glorified as an artistic subject,” says 48-year-old figure model Claudia Hajian.

The prospect of getting naked in a classroom full of art students does seem intimidating, no matter your age—so what’s it really like to be a nude figure model day in, day out? Here’s what six women had to say.

A Leg Up for Rising Artists

Madeline (who requested that we omit her last name) is an actor who’s wanted to model since college. Sometimes, her two occupations align. She recently played a vampire bride in a production of Dracula and brought that energy into class. “I had vampiric poses going,” she says. “There was one where I crouched down and had big swooping arms that ended in claw-like hands. I did some where it was more like grabbing my neck. Lots of dramatic angles.” She likes supporting other artists, the stamina she’s gained, and the ability to tailor her modeling schedule to accommodate her acting.

Emma Shapiro is a visual artist whose practice explores her Jewish and Irish ancestry through her own body. Modeling has provided her the connection to herself that she needs for the work. When she started out in New York, she’d model six or seven days a week, taking about three bookings per day. Posing for individual artists and special events brought her to New Jersey and locations upstate, where she modeled in studios and outdoors. After five years, she took a model-coordinating position at a school where she scouted and scheduled models (so if you’re wondering, there are management opportunities in the field). For her, modeling was “therapeutic” and helped her overcome the insecurity she’d grown up with.

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