Bad Boy Model Arrested After Cross Country Crime Spree

May 14th, 2017

From Inquisitr:  David Byers, a fitness model from Solano Beach Californa, was arrested by the FBI and the San Diego Sherriff’s Department for a string of robberies he allegedly committed. Byers is accused of committing three robberies within a 48-hour period in Greenwich, Connecticut last week. Byers is suspected of robbing two Chase Banks and a Citgo gas station.

Police tracked Byers to a luxury motel in Connecticut and attempted to apprehend him, but he escaped in a Range Rover, jumping a curb and going airborne twice in the vehicle. David led police on a high-speed pursuit that ended when he abandoned the car and ran across three lanes of highway traffic before disappearing in the local area.

Police used helicopters and tracking dogs to attempt to locate him, but he eluded capture, and they called off the search when they learned he had fled the state. In New York, he allegedly stole another Range Rover and was then located by police in Pennsylvania. He ran again and eluded police, but the stolen Range Rover was found abandoned in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and the trail went cold.

However, local authorities learned he was from California and suspected he might have fled back to the San Diego area. They contacted the FBI, who picked up his trail in North Park, California. With the assistance of the San Diego Sheriff’s Department Fugitive Apprehension team, they conducted an undercover surveillance in an area he was known to frequent.

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