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April 23rd, 2017

Woman Arrested For Nude Modeling Criticizes Media Coverage

The team at Miss Social Network has nothing against models that pursue nude modeling. We firmly believe the woman’s body is a work of art, and it’s up to the individual model on the type of photography she prefers. Any way you slice it, we view it as art. And this story, about a woman arrested in western PA for nude modeling in public has something to say to the media that’s been covering the story.

From – Chelsea Jane Guerra, 21, of Indiana, Pa., was charged by Monroeville police with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct after she was caught outdoors at the Miracle Mile shopping center wearing only “thigh-high black stockings and high-heel shoes,” police said.

Also arrested was Michael Keith Warnock, 64, of Pittsburgh, who was taking photos of Guerra about 11 a.m. April 8 in front of the shopping center. He was charged with criminal solicitation, criminal conspiracy, disorderly conduct and two counts of possession of controlled substances.

Now Guerra is using social media to promote her modeling career and set the record straight, Triblive reports.

On her Flickr site, Guerra complains about how she’s been treated by the media since her arrest.

“The media has crucified me, and has equated nude photography to prostitution,” she says. “I’m a proud nude model and I want my story to be heard.”

Guerra was released on her own recognizance and Warnock was released on bond. Their preliminary hearings on the charges ae scheduled for June.

April 23rd, 2017

Watch this Awesome Vid By Calvin Klein on All the Models Modeling their Underwear, Including Lauren Hutton at Age 73

Age is just a number. And when you got it you got it, even in your 70’s. From

Calvin Klein has enlisted 73-year-old model and actress Lauren Hutton to star in its latest underwear campaign.

Hutton appears in the campaign wearing an open blouse and a bra. In a video, she relates a lighthearted story about quickly walking across a courtyard to avoid advances from men. She says she finally agreed to join one for a ride in his pickup truck.


The fashion house says Hutton was hand-picked for the campaign by director Sofia Coppola, who is in charge of the promotion. Calvin Klein says Hutton has been friends with Coppola’s family for more than 30 years.

Other participants include actresses Rashida Jones

April 23rd, 2017

Selah Marley Models for Chanel & Yeezy In Between College Classes

From TeenVogue:

The 18-year-old granddaughter of Bob Marley and daughter of musician Lauryn Hill is the new it model you need to know. “I’m definitely young, but sometimes I feel like I’m running out of time,” says 18-year-old Selah Marley with a sigh — but no trace of irony. In between classes like Mindfulness and Mysticism, and Bedtime Writing: The Literature of Sleep, at New York University, the college freshman has been blazing a path through the modeling industry. In the past year, she has starred in a Calvin Klein campaign and walked the runway for Yeezy and Chanel. And yet, she laments, “I always feel like I should be doing more.”

Growing up between Miami, Los Angeles, and South Orange, New Jersey (her home for many years), Marley fed off the energy of her creative family. Her father is Rohan Marley, a former football player and a son of Bob Marley, and her mother is the musician Lauryn Hill. As Selah puts it, “The idea of nine-to-five never crossed my mind.” She is, naturally, passionate about music: Last year, she cut her teeth as a producer when she posted the track “Don’t Look Back,” which riffs on Frank Ocean’s “Pyramids,” to SoundCloud, and singing and songwriting are long-term goals.

April 16th, 2017

Hilary Clinton Modeling Shoes for Katy Perry

Oh what a few months make. According to Today:

Hillary Clinton has ditched her standard neutral, low-heel pump for something pinker and bolder — and named after her.

On Monday night, pop star-turned-shoe designer Katy Perry posted an Instagram photo of the former presidential candidate modeling the shoes she specifically designed for Clinton — a style called “The Hillary.”


April 16th, 2017

Another Celebrity Spawn Just Got A Modeling Contract

Refinery 29 reported on a story from People mag: People magazine reports that another genetically blessed celebrity offspringis joining the ranks of music legend-spawn Paris Jackson, famous nephew Tyler Clinton, and models du jour the Hadid sisters at IMG Models. Make way for Delilah Belle Hamlin, the daughter of Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin.

Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will recognize Delilah’s famous mother as the perpetually plumped instigator of the group and the Lisa that isn’t the one with the accent and spin-off show. Fans will also remember that the Bravo reality series documented Delilah’s runway debut at New York Fashion Week (and her mother’s accompanying excitement — moms, stop embarrassing your kids). She walked in the Tommy Hilfiger show — which also featured Gigi Hadid and her collab collection, Tommy x Gigi. She’s the daughter of another RHOBH star, Yolanda Hadid, aka Yolanda Foster, aka “Yolander,” if you happen to be the Lisa with the accent.

April 16th, 2017

UK’s Daily Mail To Pay Melania Trump Damages Over Modeling Claims

Just because you hate Donald Trump doesn’t mean you should hate on his wife. And Melania is striking back, successfully, against false claims. As reported by Reuters:

Britain’s Daily Mail agreed on Wednesday to pay Melania Trump an undisclosed sum and issue an apology after it published an article saying the U.S. First Lady had offered “services beyond simply modeling” in her former job.

President Donald Trump’s wife, 46, had sued the publisher of the Daily Mail in Britain and also filed a $150 million (120 million pound) lawsuit against it in New York, claiming the article had cost her millions of dollars in potential business.

A person familiar with the situation said the settlement was worth less than $3 million, including legal costs and damages.


April 16th, 2017

It’s Official: Trump Modeling Agency Is Closing

As reported by Vogue: The shuttering of a boutique modeling agency isn’t usually a subject for national debate, but when it is partially owned by the president, that changes things. When news hit last week that Trump Models might be closing its doors, few were surprised. President Trump’s polarizing reputation has taken a toll on many of the businesses that bear his name, but his modeling agency faced a particularly difficult challenge. In a leaked email obtained by Mother Jones, Trump Models’s president, Corinne Nicolas, saluted the agency’s success over the past 18 years and shared the news that the Trump Organization parent company was phasing out its modeling segment to focus on business interests in golf, hospitality, and real estate.

The email followed a week’s worth of speculation spurred on by The Washington Post’s exposé on the high-profile women who’d left the agency. Once home to fashion icons including Carmen Dell’Orefice and Pat Cleveland, what it lacked in influence it made up for in the prestige of its iconic supermodels. Founded in 1999, and calling itself T Models at one point, it never rose to powerhouse status. Though it launched several faces over the years—including redhead editorial favorite Katie Moore, Steven Meisel muse Hollie-May Saker, and Sports Illustratedstar Mia Kang—the agency attained modest success. Ironically, its greatest achievement may be the one farthest removed from its founder’s ideals: When it launched its Legends division in 2012, it helped to revive interest in models over 40.


April 16th, 2017

Kendall Jenner Worries Negative Review of Clothing Line Could Ruin Modeling Career

From Us Magazine: Last-minute nerves! Kendall Jenner worries that her clothing line might get negative reviews in this Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

In the clip, the 21-year-old supermodel finds out that Vogue wants to review her and her sister Kylie Jenners fashion line, Kendall + Kylie. Kylie, 19, enters the room to find Kendall nervously flipping through the rack and asks what’s going on. AdvertisementAdvertisement

See the Clip Here

April 9th, 2017

Plus-Size Modeling Helped Danika Brysha Finally Embrace Her Body

From Danika Brysha credits modeling with helping her feel good about her body. Plus-size model Danika Brysha has been making some serious waves in the body-positive world. But while she has inspired thousands to practice self-love, she wasn’t always so accepting of her own body. In a recent Instagram post, the 29-year-old opened up about her history with eating disorders.

“From bulimia to binge eating disorder to chronic dieting and food addiction, I’ve spent endless amounts of energy trying to crack the code to my own food freedom,” she said, starting her post.

“I had so many judgments about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods,” she continued. “And it finally struck me that all these rules that I thought were keeping me safe were the very things keeping me in my eating disorder.” That was the moment Brysha realized she had to make a change.

“I committed to myself to let go of the rules once and for all,” she said. “To trust that I could trust myself. And the adventure began.”