Introducing our Legacy Winners Returning for the Model of the Year Battle!

December 31st, 2015

What’s stunning about the returning models that have chose to compete in our 2016 Model of the Year Competition is the fact that they bring with them over 200,000 registered all-time votes…which is 7.5% of our 2.7 million registered total! That’s amazing!  We also see great participation for the 2013 crew, with 1/3 of monthly winners returning! We know this certainly will up-the-anty of our Miss Social Network 2016 Battle!  We still may have a couple more enter the fray, as this year, models have until the 2nd week to enter the Vote-off.

Let’s introduce the returning legacy winners to you, of which two from our Top 6 All-Time are returning!

Cassie Williams - Miss June 2014

Cassie Williams – Miss June ’14

Miss June 2014 enters the Vote-Off, and we were glad that she chose to come back! Cassie is an experienced social network model that has nearly 40,000 Facebook Fans. And, she not just a model…she’s a talented musician! So in addition to her hot pics, you can find some compelling music to listen too! From Miss Coed to American Honey, she’s been in a number of online contests…so she certainly knows how to drive engagement and energy to anything she works towards. We’re psyched to have her participating in the 2016 Model of the Year Competition.

Mariah Rivera - Miss Nov. 2013

Mariah Rivera – Miss Nov. 2013

From Nevada,Mariah returns to the Model of the Year Battle. She has some amazing credits to her name, such as Sports Illustrated and Maxim, and she’s conducted a few national ads for Harrah’s Entertainment. As a professional dancer on the Vegas Strip, she certainly knows how to put on a show. All you need to do is take a look at her stunning gallery and realize just how photogenic she is. She brings over 30,000 all-time votes with her and we are psyched to have her back in the fold!

Sydney Elizabeth - Miss Oct. 2013

Sydney Elizabeth – Miss Oct. 2013

Utah model, and Miss October 2013 returns! Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Syndey claims to be a casual chick…but by the looks of her hot gallery, there’s very little chance her looks are casual! She hates mornings (we feel you), but loves to dance, cook, and listen to great music. She was Playboy Miss Socials Miss September 2013, and went on to win MSN the following month.  Bring with her nearly 30,000 All-time votes, we are excited that she’s come back to run for Model of the Year!

Heidi Flick - Miss June 2013

Heidi Flick – Miss June 2013

From the great state of Washington, Heidi just missed the opportunity to return last year to the 2015 Vote-Off! And now, she’s officially back, and brings with her nearly 70,000 All-time votes, which ranks her 5th All-Time. By choosing to return, the odds are strong that she may move closer to the #1 All-Time position! Strategically, it’s a great call for her to be back, as no one in front of her is competing. She’ll have a chance to place her stamp on her solid position as one of our All-Time models. We expect she will be a big factor this season and are super pumped she chose to return!

KimberLeigh - Miss March 2012

KimberLeigh – Miss March 2012

Miss March 2012, from New York, returns to participate in our Model of the Year Battle. She’s been involved in the modeling industry for a while, not just as a model, but a make-up artist too! She’s a sporty kind of gal that loves baseball, UFC, and getting dirty in her garden. Amongst her friends, she’s known as a tomboy and girly-girl all rolled into won. We know she’s in this to make an impact on the contest and she brings nearly 20K all-time votes to the table. We look forward to seeing her compete in January!

Meghann Alissa - Miss Feb. 2012

Meghann Alissa – Miss Feb. 2012

What is possibly the most intriguing aspect of the Model of the Year battle is how things shape up between Megann Alissa, Miss February and Heidi Flick, Miss June 2013. Why you ask? Meghann comes into the Vote-Off ranked in 6th place All-time, just 3,600 votes behind Heidi. If either of them go full force, one of them just might end up in the All-Time spot, ahead of both Taryn maria and Emmie (both of which have 88,000 Votes). It just might take more than 20,000 Votes to win the Vote-off, and if either of them get the title, then that certainly should position them all-time as the #1 Ranked Model in the entire contest. Meghann always had the dream of becoming a Playboy Playmate, but lets see if she can grab Miss Social Network 2016!!

Stephanie Thaxton-Gudith - Miss Feb. '13

Stephanie Thaxton- Gudith Miss Feb. ’13

Stephanie becomes the 4th Legacy Model from 2013 to return, giving that year tremendous visibility in the 2016 Model of the Year Competition. It’s great to see models from years past still having such an interest in being a part of our brand…and speaks volumes to the legacy we have built within the social network modeling community. Stephanie, from Michigan, comes to the competition with 32,000 all-time votes, placing her just outside the Top 20 All-Time. She’ll certainly move up the chain as she embarks on her 2nd MSN Vote-Off Battle. She’s has been well engaged in many contests in the past and we’re eager to see her this January. Wishing her good luck as she moves into this years Vote-Off!


Mindy Ann – Miss Sept. 2015

We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome back Mindy Ann – from South Carolina! She was our very own Miss September 2014, and she returns from last years Vote-Off (where she finished 1st-Runner Up), just behind Miss Social Network 2015, Aly Marie. Mindy is all over social media, and she’ll bring a tremendous amount of attention and experience to this field. In addition, with over 46,000 All-Time Votes, that puts her ranked #9 All-Time. We certainly are eager to see where she ends up, but it looks like we have one major battle brewing with 3 models from our All-Time Top 10 in this years vote-off! She’s a class act and we are ecstatic last years 1st Runners-up is back this year!




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