Introducing the 2015 Monthly Winners – Battling for MSN 2016!

January 2nd, 2016

We wanted to re-introduce you to the beautiful monthly winners from 2015, who are now competing in our 2016 Model of the Year Vote-Off. It’s a diverse group of beautiful models, and we could not be more thrilled to re-introduce them to the world! Good luck to them as they battle to become Miss Social Network 2016!


June Ann D’Angelo – Miss January

June is one of those models, if you follow her on Twitter, you will be well entertained! Not only is she a ‘looker’ but she has both her BA and BS from LSU, in addition to her PhD in immunology! Yes, that’s right, this MSN Model is a frickin’ scientist. It doesn’t get hotter than that…well, maybe it does! She’s alsoa trapeze artist! What the hell can’t this bombshell do? Let’s see if she can become our next Miss Social Network 2016!


Lauren Incitar – Miss February

Lauren comes to MSN with the energy of a energizer bunny! That’s why we love her. She’s all over social media and is a pro at making highly engaged videos that connect her to her audience. We only wish more models took the time to personally speak to their fans the way that Lauren does. She’s not afraid to go out of her way and make the connections with her supporters! She has a lot of dreams that she’s chasing, and we’re grateful to have her chasing the dream of becoming Miss Social Network 2016! Let’s see how her month ends up!


Brittany – Miss March

Brittany is a model from Australia. Her styles include glamour, bikini, and basically all styles. She has an edge to her that makes her gallery extremely sassy and sexy, all at the same time. She is studying Tourism and obviously has a passion for travelling. 2015 was a really good year for the Aussies within MSN. Let’s see if Britt’s team comes to play! Good luck too her in the Model of the Year Battle!


Ava Love – Miss April

Ava comes into the Vote-Off ranked 34th All-time, with nearly 30,000 votes. She’s one of the top vote-getters of the 2015 models entering the battle, and she’s absolutely one of the more edgier models within the MSN family. She’s not shy when it comes to nudes…and if you had a body like hers, why should you be? She’s involved in so many things, we’re interested to see if she comes to the Vote-Off with the intent on competing, or just being a part of the limelight and exposure that will come to the competition this month. Of course, we’d love to see this stunner battle for the title. Time will tell. We’re glad she’s a part of MSN!


Vergena Fields – Miss June

We’re excited to have Vergena Fields back in play for the MSN Model of the Year. This southern girl has been modeling for nearly half her life, and she’s certainly enjoyed the journey. She’s been in a number of contests, and you have to check out her Facebook page. She has an adorable video on her page thank fans for helping her in her other endeavors. We only wish more models took advantage of the personal messages, such as this. It totally connects with the audience! This Southern gal is here to make a splash. Let’s see just how far she decides to take it in this years Miss Social Network Model of the Year Contest!


Tabu – Miss July

What is it about the Aussie’s this year? They put together a string of victories earlier in the year, and Tabu is absolutely one of the more edgier girls on the site. There’s nothing shy about her or her gallery. We highly recommend you check out the diverse photo gallery she has on her page…it’s pretty damn hot. In addition to her sexy set, she’s studying Naturopathy, and hopes to one day open up her own clinic. We’re psyched that MSN can help give her a forum as she moves into the Vote-Off. Let’s see if she decides to battle against such a strong field of monthly winners and legacy returning models!


Kat – Miss August

Kat is back! All you need to do is check out her Facebook page where ‘MsIntoxikating’ let’s you know all that she’s involved in! She’s not shy to contests, and January is going to be a busy month for her. Both her, ┬áLaura, Elizabeth, and Bobbi are currently competing over at, so there’s a lot of ways for you to see this beauty. One thing that doesn’t go unnoticed about Kat is her egde, and it shows up in her expressions in her pictures! The diversity of her gallery wants you wanting more. And let’s see just how bad she wants it and if Miss Social Network 2016 is in the cards for her and her resume! January is going to be an exciting month for Kat.





Elizabeth Ess – Miss September

Canada has always been good to MSN! And Elizabeth is one of those models that we couldn’t be happier to have a part of MSN. This Toronto based model not only has one of the more photogenic looks, she has a thing for numbers…as she’s an accounting student. In addition to taking fabulous pictures, she ‘super-active’ on social media and Twitter (definitely follow her on Twitter – you won’t be disappointed). She has huge goals in her career (both modeling & professionally), and we can’t wait to see where this bombshell goes. No shy to contests, she’s got a lot on her plate this January. Let’s see how it all ends up! Good luck this month!!


April – Miss October

April had a spectacular October! She came out of no where and took MSN by storm. While we typically prefer models to have some assortment of professional shots, we were open to allowing her run…and we’re glad she did! She’s a positive person that believes anyone can succeed or do anything if they put their mind to it. And by being a part of MSN, that’s what we exemplify…giving opportunity to those that take advantage of it! That’s why the Vote-Off provides anyone a chance to go for the crown, should they make that choice. Wishing Ann a tremendous month as we embark on this wonderful journey during the Vote-Off!


Bobbi Lyn – Miss November

MSN is so happy to have Bobbi Lyn a part of our family. This 31 year old mother of a beautiful daughter has always loved modeling. She was one of Playboy Miss Social’s monthly winners, winning Miss May 2014! So she fully understands the stress one feels when putting themselves out there and competing. We look at her as a tremendous role model for others embarking on a path within the social network online modeling community. She’s experienced the high’s, low’s, and drama…but she brings balance and integrity to the MSN brand. After all, the experience of doing this for 7 years certainly prepares you well for any journey. Even if that journey take you to the doorstep of the Miss Social Network Model of the Year Title. Wishing Bobbi all the best as she continues down this wonderful path.


Britty – Miss December

Britty is a true pro as she enters the Vote-Off as our last monthly winner! She also was a Playboy Miss Social Winner (everyone remember that contests — seems like years), and she won that title back in November of 2014 (just over a year ago). Better yet, she knows all about winning the big game…as she went on to be crowned Playboy Miss Social of the Year for 2015…the last year of the titles existence. Thankfully, Miss Social Network isn’t going anywhere…and if Britty goes on to win this years title, she be aligning with a brand that has big growth plans in 2016. You have to check out her sexy Instagram page! She has nearly 100K followers on Instagram and is one of the most active of our contestants on Facebook! We can’t wait to see if she decides to go for the crown! We are pumped that she chose to become Miss December, hence entering into this years epic Model of the Year Competition! Good luck.

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