A Decade of MSN Experience: Personal Branding, Consistency, & Relevancy

January 16th, 2016

Hard to believe, but MSN has been around for nearly a decade. In the next week or so, we’re excited about making a big announcement about the evolution of the “MISS SOCIAL” Brand. This year, we crown our 10th Model of the Year, since Viktoria Fox was named Miss MySpace USA in 2007 (4 annual Winners at MMU & this will be our 6th with MSN).  A decade of credibility doesn’t happen by accident.  You can’t build a brand in a few months, let alone a year or two. Playboy Miss Social has come and gone (and we were friends with them), and now, everyone has so many choices of which contests to compete in! There are numerous choices, and we support what you choose to do. And we give you a platform to promote them.

With Miss Social Network, you get three powerful elements that have never changed…in a decade: Branding, Consistency, Relevancy. We continue to be consistent and transparent, providing you an opportunity to choose to compete as you build your personal brand by aligning with ours.  It’s hard to build a trusted brand in a few months, let alone a year or two. A trusted brand is built over years, combining with the forces of a powerful user base, with now over 20,000 registered users.  And we can’t wait to announce the next phase with the Miss Social brand very soon.

Despite having well over 1,000 models on our site, only about 20 to 25 models choose to initially compete for the monthly title. Some enter the fray cautiously, with them and their fans waiting to see who’s going to aggressively promote their profiles to move towards the top. Within a week, the fans, supporters, and models commit to the month, and that’s who you’ll usually see in The Elite 8. At this point, the models consistently in The Elite 8 start to make a name for themselves within the social network modeling community, across other contests, within Facebook Groups, creating consistent awareness about themselves and their personal brand. They start to get to know supporters via social connections,and everyone has an opinion about something or someone in the competition, or about the tokens system, or the way certain contests are administered. As the month gets closer to the end, you just never know who’s going to drop votes in the final minutes. The final hour is when everyone is stressed, waiting for the final bell to ring.

If you look back at history, you’ll see many of the many of those that finish regularly in The Elite 8, or had tough 2nd place finishes, come back to claim the title. Persistence usually pays off, but we know that participating in contests can be as excruciating as a poker match, because you never know who’s going to drop votes and when they choose to do so. This isn’t for everyone’s temperament, especially participating in a contest where you can buy votes. It’s a pool we all choose to swim in and we’re grateful for the participants that choose to align with the platform we provide. What’s most important to us, we simply wanted to bring a little clarity to the MSN brand, in a complex world of choices. Understand that we don’t view other contests as competitors but rather see them complementing MSN  and hopefully creating additional opportunities for each one of you!

Quite frankly, our mission it to give you the opportunity to:

  • 1) Align with our brand to build your own personal, recognizable brand
  • 2) Use your gallery to promote other contests you work with
  • 3) Connect with other models & their fan bases
  • 4) Use us as the first step in understanding how online contests work
  • 5) Develop and grow your social strategy before embarking onto other contest
  • 6) Provide you the assets to make yourself relevant in a complex industry
  • 7 Work with other models that may provide mentorship to you
  • 8) Learn to compete with grace & dignity, in an anti-bullying zone

Thank you all for being a part of the Miss Social Network family, for over 10 Years. The Brand continues to evolve….Stay Tuned for an exciting announcement about the evolution of the MSN Brand soon.


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