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May 17th, 2016



It seems you can’t go a month without seeing another online contest popping up. It’s hard to tell these days which ones really benefit fit you. They all initially look and sound great, sometimes almost too good to be true. We’ll leave the real debate to those that competed first-hand and to the numerous Facebook Groups that don’t hesitate to make their opinions known. Bottom line, MSN doesn’t play favorites when it comes to online contests & we encourage you to promote any contest you enter within your MSN gallery. But, one important piece of advice is that we do encourage you to be cautious and curious before entering any online contests, especially the pay-to-play competitions.

Rather than name and assess all the contests you have to choose from, we wanted to focus on MSN & convey why after over 10 years, and over 122 monthly winners, Miss Social Network still serves a distinct purpose for those building their personal brand, especially now, in a cluttered world of online contesting. In addition to the online relevancy you create for yourself by aligning with our brand, we help you prepare for the ups-and-downs of online contesting. Most importantly, we help 1st-timers build allies and voters who will start to follow your career, as you move from contest to contest. You might just find one of our 20,000 registered users that will sponsor you for the long-run!

Our visitors utilize our website more than our social platforms, so staying engaged directly with the site is important. Ultimately, if you stay active within the walls of MSN, you will be noticed and ultimately harness connected relationships with our user base who can help bring their networks to yours…especially as you embark in what has become a competitive, confusing, cut-throat industry.


As the elder statesman of online contests (over a decade), and the first-ever site to create a token voting system (pay-to-play-for online discovery), we find that the MSN concept is often copied by online contests creating fancy names & pretty looking websites. Look at what Playboy Miss Social did, after seeing our success!

We look at it as an endearing quality of what we’ve accomplished within the social network modeling community, but most importantly, we express our amazing gratitude to the contestants/models that have entered and passed through the MSN family…such as Playmate Chelsie Aryn, Social Networking Powerhouses Taryn Maria, Jen Wilkie, Ashley Alexis, Dana Marie, and Tehmeena Afazal (combined have over 12 million Facebook Followers, along with hundreds of thousands on Instagram and Twitter). 

Chelsie Aryn: Playmate

Chelsie Aryn: Playboy Playmate: March 2015 Centerfold


Taryn Maria

Taryn Maria


Jen Wilkie

Jen Wilkie


Ashley Alexiss

Ashley Alexiss



Dana Marie





While many of you were with us when we launched Miss MySpace USA, in 2006, at the height of MySpace, some of you have no idea of the foundation for which MSN was founded. We eventually re-branded as Miss Social Network, at the height of the Oscar Award winning movie, just before MySpace imploded. So, you may ask, why do many aspiring models first choose to compete with Miss Social Network before moving on to other other contests? There are a number of reasons…but we’ll give you 8:

The 8 Elite Reason: 

  1. For aspiring models new to online modeling contests, MSN provides the first step to help get your feet wet, first building allies, supporters, and fans…and watching how other successful contestants promote
  2. We help educate you on the life-cycle of a contest & when contestants and fans drop votes as you will eventually come to understand how a ‘token voting’ contests works, and trends in voting
  3. You partner with a trusted brand that has over a decade of credibility on its side…there are no questions we haven’t addressed and we are fully transparent
  4. Freedom of Choice: You and your supporters choose the level of exposure you desire, by appearing in The Elite 8, or becoming the face of the Miss Social Network brand, thus creating online relevancy for yourself
  5. No gimmicks or false promises of travel, fame, and fortune – we keep it real!
  6. No drama – we quickly address any troublemakers and bullying, banning & deleting their IP addresses. There is a consistency of  ‘respect & class’ with our audience, and our contestants understand that only 1 person will win the monthly title
  7. Over 20,000 registered users, many that return to the site weekly, determining which contestant they want to assist or sponsor
  8. The blessing of former, credible, successful contestants that have gone on to bigger & better things, such as Playmate Chelsie Aryn & Reality Show Start & Entrepreneur Ashley Alexiss 

Before entering any new online contest, simply be inquisitive and curious by doing your own research:

1) Assess the depth, reach, and size of their website

2) Look at their social presence – do they only have 400 Facebook Fans and 250 Twitter Followers

3) Who is the actual company behind the brand?

4) Read the fine print of the rules

5) Get references – ask other models about receipt of prizes and their personal experiences

6) Find reviews of the site, which we keep directly on our Facebook Fan Page: We have 255 reviews and a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.  

As new contests pop-up every other month, make sure you walk cautiously, be curious, and know that they need you more than you need them…especially as they are trying to establish their brand. Bottom line, a brand isn’t legitimate just because they have a fancy website…and a brand isn’t established in a day, a week, a month, or even a year. A brand earns the trust of the consumer over years.  And that’s why, as the older girl on the block, thanks for continuing to make Miss Social Network the flagship contest for first-timers that have the courage to enter the mayhem of online contests!

We are grateful for you and our supporters…and the models that have stopped by MSN over the years…Thank you!



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