The #MSNMOY2017 Vote-off – Model of the Year Competition Details

December 31st, 2016

Here we are, our 7th Annual Miss Social Network Vote-off, and our 11th if you add in Miss MySpace USA, our initial flagship brand. Wow…it’s an amazing accomplishment, thanks to our 21,347 registered users, that we’ve been able to sustain the #MSN brand, as we’ve seen competitions come and go over the last decade. And we will see many more pop up as we continue on our path of consistency. Many of which incorporated the very token system we first launched, 11 years ago. It’s the tokens users, the amazing contestants, the photographers, and the visitors that simply browse the galleries that have made us who we are! Thank you!

We’re especially grateful to those that first took a chance on us, helped us through some rocky-days of catfishing (in Year 1)…people that mean so much to us and have always had our back…people like our first MSN winner, Nicole Gagne, and others that took a personal interest in #MSN, like Gabby Lane, Playmate Chelsi Aryn, Heidi Flick, Mindy Ann, Ashley Alexxis (who used to handle our social media duties and has gone on to amazing success) and Taryn Maria, who helped us in more ways than one in the first 3 to 4 years of MSN! So grateful to all these amazing ladies who really took a personal interest in the MSN brand, and helped get us to where we are today! (I know I forgot a few names, but we wrote this hastily before New Years!)


Yes, many pass through for short stints, like ships in the night, as they move onto new phases of their lives….some get married and have families, some go on to have amazing professional careers in modeling, others go on to grind it 9 to 5 (like most of us), and a good many have gone on to become powerful social influencers, participating in reality shows, or even becoming a legitimate Playboy Playmate Centerfold, like our Miss August 2013, Chelsie Aryn.

We are so grateful that they stopped by and chose to be a a part of the #MSN family, no matter how long they chose to stay with us. All Legacy Winners (monthly title holders that have not won the Model of the Year Title), they are are welcomed back in January, at the very least, to simply be highlighted on the homepage, even if they aren’t actively competing or promoting. It’s a chance for them to let you know that they made their mark here, within the Miss Social Network Brand.

Some legacy models have chosen not to return due different stages they are at in their lives, and you may also see some choosing to withdraw as the month goes on. Nonetheless, we highlight those Legacy Winners in our Annual Vote-Off, mostly as a THANK YOU for stopping by, impacting the brand, and at one point, looking at MSN as a factor that could compliment them as they embarked on their career.

This Years Vote Off will end at 11pm EST on Tuesday, January 31st! (An hour before the monthly contest locks in). Mark it down, as the Model of the Year will win $500 CASH & be featured on the HOMEAPAGE for the entire year, providing an opportunity to amplify any of their career endeavors through the power of our hub. We wanted to give a special shout out to Lauren Incitar, our Miss Social Network 2016, who handled herself with grace all year! She also made some awesome videos last year…you should see them here: VIDEOS – we thank her for being a class act as she now prepares to hand off the title in a few weeks to another deserving Model of the Year!

Thanks again for making our brand what it is – the home where fashion, modeling, and social intersects….most importantly, we hope we can continue to provide additional online relevancy to anyone that chooses to take the plunge, and put themselves out there for all to see! It just takes one person to discover you through the power of social networking…or the attraction of the #MSN brand! We hope all of your dreams come true! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! 



Author: Admin