Welcoming Miss April 2017 – Jessica Kate – United Kingdom

April 30th, 2017

What a month April was, with Jessica Kate edging out Natalie G….by less than 1,000 votes! One look at Jessica-Kate’s gallery, and you’ll be hooked on her…especially her eyes!

As she says:

My name is Jessica, from the UK. I am a natural redhead and i feel this is my power to stand out from the crowd!

For a long time now i have really wanted to get into the modelling industry. I have a strong passion for Fashion and art.

Modelling takes more than just a pretty face, i believe modeling is an expressive art form and tells a story without words. You can show movement in a still picture, and I think that is incredible to have that skill.

I have always struggled with my confidence and after 6 months of really pushing myself through social media, my own modelling from home and work with a amatuer photographer. I now feel ready to get infront if the camera for real!

You’ll see her back in January, competing for our Model of the Year! Congrats, and welcome to the MSN family!

Author: Admin